There is this girl here, she was pretty excited

24 Oct

There is this girl here, good looking and junior level.

I’m not her boss, but if I was there would be two level of management between us. She’s a kid.

Anyway, during the last holiday I needed something from her department and she was the only one there, so I asked one of my guys to put her on the line.

So I hear him say “XXXX wants to talk to you”  and then I heard her “OMG OMG” .

It’s funny being on this side, I still need to get used to the fact that people see me as this authority and not the helpless kid I feel inside.

This is how you should start the day

6 Oct

Today, on the way to work, I heard this on the radio:


This is how your day should start – with noise.

And it affected my day, I was super asertive today.

There is this guy here, he keeps surfing into gay dating sites

5 Oct

He sits outside my room,with his back to me. So I see everything that goes on there.

And it’s not that I have anything against gay people. Or dating sites. Or doing this while you’re at work.

It’s just that I never saw gay dating site before, and it is a real discovery. I mean, in straight dating sites you usually see a picture of the guy with his dog, or the girl on the beach.

And on this site (and maybe it is just this site), the picture are very explicit. You know how a picture is worth 1000 words? Well, these ones pretty much tell the whole story.

Want examples?

– A guy,naked , from behind,with his hands tied

– Just the guys lips

–  And other variations


Oh man, I wish I was gay, I think my life was so much easier…


Ranting about my boss, and sex

4 Oct

My boss, the CEO of the organization I am working for, is usless.

Now, I know it probably sounds like any other worker complaining about his boss, but it’s not.


I talk to him about this, and he says “as long as everybody outside thinks I am in chareg here, nothing else matters”.


And if you read this for the sex, and got this far – go fuck yourself.  And I mean it in a good way.

There is this girl here – I think she just flashed her panties

3 Oct

I’m just sitting in my office, doing my thing (Which is nothing much, just my thing).

Anyway, this worker stood outside my room, with her back to me. She was talking to this other girl.

And then she just pulled her panties up from her pants, played with it for a second or to, and let them slip back in.

I hope this was especially for me.


Red G-string, if you must know.

The dancing guy in the car

2 Oct

Today, on my way to the office, I saw in the back view mirror a guy. He was listening to music. I think we were listening to the same station.


Anyway, he was dancing in his seat. Dancing and singing. Carless. Seeing no one. just enjoying the moment.


He was the dancing man in the car.


Sometimes I wish I was the dancing man in the car.

It’s not cybersex if you don’t mean it…

27 Sep

Do you know how it feels when you talk on MSN with a 50 year old co-worker and instead of typing “one sec” you type “one sex”?


well, now I do.



She’s not ugly, she’s not beautyful

26 Sep

But she came today without a bra, and sometimes this is enough.

I love the holiday season (free stuff I get)

24 Sep

This is something I found out on my current job position – at some level, when you deal with suplliers, you get stuff for the holidays.

Simple stuff, chocolate, a small gadget.


but who care? You get stuff. You feel important. Mission accomplished.

A difference between married people and singles

22 Sep

I’m taking this course now, as part of my MBA.
The class has married people and singles, and there is a clear difference – the singles try to make funny comments (which sound a little desperate to me) while the married ones are more silent, tired, just teach us and let us go on with our lives.

And me? I’m just condescending.

Yours, just a guy.